2023 Benchmark Gensuite Customer Conference

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Whether you are digitally transforming through the launch of a new application, expanding program functionality,
introducing new technology, or looking to integrate systems, by using an integrated and unified Benchmark Gensuite® digital platform along with a defined implementation strategy you can unlock significant performance
gains and business value that enables EHS & Operational Risk, Quality, Stewardship & Supply Chain, and
Sustainability & ESG Reporting performance excellence.

Gain practical perspectives and powerful insights from a panel of cross-functional leaders. They will share their digital implementation journeys, lessons learned along the way, and how they have measured success.

Jay Small, VP Global EHS, JELD-WEN, Inc.
Derek Sharron, Sr. Global Director – EHS, Security, Sustainability (EHS³), H.B Fuller
Mary Ann Polad, Director, EHS, Security & Sustainability, The Boston Beer Company
Chad Peck, Compliance Assurance Leader, Corporate Health and Safety, Corning Inc.

Track 1: EHS, Quality & Operational Risk

Get an insider’s look at the robust, highly configurable, and fully integrated Incident Management program area! We’ll be joined by Chad Peck (Compliance Assurance Leader, Corporate Health and Safety, Corning Inc.), Alicia Musk (Analytics Project Leader, Corning, Inc.) and Jeff Donnell (President, Enterprise Health) to discuss the features and latest updates & innovations of each app in the program area; plus, the tiered approach to implementation with strategies & functionalities that meet the incident management program needs of any company— no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Chad Peck, Compliance Assurance Leader, Corporate Health and Safety, Corning Inc.
  • Jeff Donnell, President, Enterprise Health
  • Alicia Musk, Analytics Project Leader, Corning, Inc

Join us at our annual Audit & Inspection Management session, led by our Benchmark Gensuite program leaders and consultant partner – Shannon Major (Director of Partnerships, STP Compliance EHS) to discuss how critical preparation and monitoring of regulatory information can be to your company. We will be bringing a variety of voices and perspectives to the conversation, covering key features, simplified processes, and streamlined workflows offered by our suite of audit modules.

Also, catch a sneak peek of the new self-service checklist authoring portal coming soon to Reg Auditor; the newly available features across Inspection Tool to view previous flagged findings, lookup and tag equipment(s) while conducting inspections; and a lot more. No matter where you are on your digital auditing and inspection implementation journey, just starting or you have been using digital solutions for years, we will have something for you during this session.

  • Shannon Major, Director of Partnerships, STP ComplianceEHS

Track 2: Sustainability & ESG Reporting, Stewardship & Supply Chain Risk

Learn how you can leverage the Benchmark Sustainability solutions suite to manage your sustainability program from utility invoices to ESG disclosure reports and everything in between. In this session, we will feature solution capabilities for calculating, recording, and analyzing your environmental footprint (energy, carbon, water, waste) as well as the identification, evaluation, and tracking of sustainability projects and investments toward meeting sustainability targets.

Hear from Jonathan Blaine (Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability Leader, H.B. Fuller) and Fiona Dean (Data and Applications Analyst, H.B Fuller) about their sustainability journey, and get hands-on experience hunting for energy reduction opportunities with Heather Moore (Technical Director for Sustainability, LRQA) and our Benchmark sustainability experts.

  • Jonathan Blaine, Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability Leader, H.B. Fuller
  • Fiona Dean, Data and Applications Analyst, H.B Fuller
  • Heather Moore, Technical Director for Sustainability, LRQA

Move beyond constant fire-fighting with your sustainability and supplier due diligence activities. Join us on for an in-depth look at best practices for product sustainability and supply chain risk management program to help you address global supply chain priorities such as product regulatory compliance, product sustainability (e.g., recycled content), responsible sourcing priorities such as Conflict Minerals, Scope 3 emissions reporting, and more.

Hear from Dakota Carroll (Supplier Sustainability Manager, Amphenol) as she discusses the journey, successes, and future plans related to their implementation of a digital solution. Learn how your organization can transition away from spreadsheets and emails to streamline supplier engagement via Benchmark’s award-winning Supplier Portal & create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.

  • Dakota Carroll, Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, Amphenol Corporation

Track 1: EHS, Quality & Operational Risk

Managing contractors requires coordination and collaboration each step of the way. From pre-qualification to managing on-site performance, a digital system offers a centralized repository where key stakeholders can work each step to ensure all contractors meet safety performance standards. A digitally enabled contractor management process can enhance accountability of contractors in creating safe working environments and accelerating safety metrics reporting. Regardless of where you are on your digital contractor safety program implementation journey, just getting started, transitioning from commercial contractor reporting solutions, or have been using digital solutions for years, we will have something for you during this session.

You will also hear from Eric Brown (Senior Environment, Health & Safety Manager, GE HealthCare) who will be sharing more about the impact of implementing & integrating a digital contractor management system in an operational EHS solution suite. You will also get a tour of the latest Contractor Management features such as the ability to track contractor firm behavior onsite with violation flags, monitor contractor tasks & certification completion, tag equipment for Contractors to a worksite, Tableau Report integration and a lot more.

  • Eric Brown, Senior Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, GE HealthCare

Join the Benchmark Gensuite team for a rundown of the latest feature updates to our Quality Management solutions and see how you can implement these advantages to tackle your program needs— from customer complaints to event management & investigation and corrective actions. We’ll be highlighting two brand new modules for product & process improvement: Digital FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis); and 8D Manager’s Eight Disciplines of problem solving to handle critical problems in the production process. Then, hear Nathalie Ruelle (Global Quality & Sustainability Director, H.B. Fuller) discuss their approach for creating a unified Quality Concern and Incident Management program and best practices for establishing a seamless integration with existing Enterprise Systems.

  • Nathalie Ruelle, Global Quality and Sustainability Director, H.B. Fuller

Track 2: Environmental Compliance & Emissions Reporting (Scope 3)

Tackle your environmental management and permit compliance programs using a unified, integrated platform with the power of Benchmark Gensuite Environmental Solutions and Compliance Calendar!

Learn from Sameer Vyas (Managing Principal, Montrose Environmental Group) and our experts on how businesses are deconstructing their permit requirements into actionable tasks while also developing a process-based approach to implementing applications like Waste Tracker, AirLog, Water Watch with a focus on data collection needs, exceptions, and reporting output expectations.

– Manage operating permits, consent decrees, and regulatory documents— plus all their details, including what-if scenarios
– Track permit-required air, water, and waste data via online data management or feed into Benchmark from data collection systems
– Build notification escalation processes as data inputs near threshold limits
– Design reports that support your company’s waste reduction and environmental sustainability programs
– Monitor site and regional engagement in the deployed solution to ensure ongoing success and continuity

Streamline multimedia environmental permit management; waste profile management; manifest, shipment, and container tracking; and points accumulation for complete visibility of your program’s ins and outs.

  • Sameer Vyas, Managing Principal, Montrose Environmental

Ready to get started on your Scope 3 GHG data collection journey? Join the open discussion with the Benchmark Gensuite team and from Harry Etra (Founder and CEO, HXE Partners) and Ben Robinson (Principal, Climate, HXE Partners) on addressing the biggest Scope 3 challenges like reporting requirements, best practices for getting started, and finding the most effective approach that meets your unique & individual needs! We’ll also showcase how we worked with Paul Jakubski (VP, Global Head of Sustainability, News Corp) on a recent project that resulted in restating their baseline by nearly 60%.

Hear about how you can utilize Benchmark Gensuite solutions for spend, average data, supplier-specific, and hybrid methods, and learn how we can support you wherever you are in your journey

  • Paul Jakubski, VP, Global Head of Sustainability, News Corp
  • Harry Etra, Founder and CEO, HXE Partners
  • Ben Robinson, Principal, Climate, HXE Partners
Learn how industry leaders are generating significant value across their function and enterprise by leveraging a unified platform along with advanced technology to transform EHS, Quality, Sustainability & ESG programs and dramatically reduce risk. They will share their journey, lessons learned, and how they have measured success along the way.

Rick Taylor, VP EHS, Sustainability & ESG, Parker Hannifin
Brian Bartal, Senior Vice President of Safety & Compliance, Unifi

Hear about the latest Benchmark Gensuite® Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence solutions. Learn how the following industry leaders have been harnessing the power of these solutions to amplify the user experience and derive actionable insights.

Elizabeth Hackett, EHS Executive, Cytiva
Sandra Neale, Global EHS Leader, GE Power



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